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Experts in Patient Education, Patient Adherence, Patient Safety and Clinical Trials 

Bring Us Your Patient Education Problems … We Will Develop The Solutions !

How We Can Help You

Client Results

Sales increased 50% in 6 months

Increased patient retention

Speedy FDA approval

No changes after market research

Products launched earlier than expected

Decreased program development costs

Increased credibility & trust with patients & health professionals

Award logos can be printed on patient materials

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We Know How to Meet the Needs of Your Patients
Make Your Product a Success at Every Stage

Consumer Health Information Corporation is the industry leader in proven patient education program development for prescription drugs, patient engagement and patient adherence strategies, patient safety, health literacy, patient retention, patient advocacy, and over-the-counter (OTC) products and medical devices. Our team of health professionals has cutting-edge expertise in clinical trials, patient counseling, patient adherence, health literacy and plain language; prescription drug information for patients, patient safety, consumer behavior, consumer education and FDA patient labeling. From industry leading corporations to the halls of academia, we're the most trusted name in the business.
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Professional Affiliations
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Academic Affiliations
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Patient Adherence Strategy

Provide Patient Information At Different Stages Of Therapy

Patient Recruitment Materials

Patient Diaries

Compliance Packaging Consulting

Patient Labeling For FDA Submission

Product Launch Starter Kits

Clinical Trials

Customized Patient Adherence Strategy For Study Drug

Patient Recruitment Materials

Patient-Friendly Informed Consents

Training Programs (For Study Team & Patients)

Adherence Strategy for Mobile Apps

Transition of Adherence Strategy to Product Launch

Health Providers

Bridge Compliance Gap Between Patient and Provider

Convert Medical Terminology Into Patient-Friendly Language

Design Of Patient Education Programs

Patient Behavior Modification Programs

Patient Education Training/Seminars


Tips From Consumer Health Founder Dr. Dorothy L. Smith

Preventing Medication Errors

Taking Control of Your Health

How To Manage Disease

Consumer Awareness

Advice For Healthier Living

Patient Education