The fact that you have adopted a format for the preparation of your materials that includes peer reviews is noteworthy and is reflected in the quality of your specimen materials.

 U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

WOW! …”I have to tell you that our new patient brochure attracts so much attention, it’s great!

 Nurse-Practitioners on HPV Awareness Campaign

I don’t think I could get along without the booklet—I refer to it almost every day, and often read entire sections over again and again. It not only is so informational but it is also a great motivator for me. I attribute much of my success to following the information and guidelines found in the booklet. You don’t realize what a turnaround it has made in my life.


This pamphlet is brilliant…it is the most caring patient information piece I have ever seen.

  Consumer Radio Program Host

My next door neighbor has been waiting for a liver transplant for quite a while. She was recently called and got the transplant. Everything seems to be going great and she’s raving about the transplant journal you produced — said there were tons of blank pages which she loved — she already had planned to use her own notebook, then got this one and loves it!! She has watched the video and talked about how the patients on the cover really got her attention.” “I thought you might like to hear a real story about how what you do makes such a difference!

  Clinical Pharmacist

These brochures continue to receive tremendous acclaim from physicians, diabetes educators, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists and health care administrators. Everyone that I have spoken to has felt that these pieces are among the finest industry-produced diabetes patient education publications in circulation today.

  Pharmacia & Upjohn Company

I am a 72-year old male with type II diabetes and under a doctor’s care. I have found this book to be the best book I have seen on the subject.


Your pamphlet really makes it clear.


A resounding good for you for producing this wonderful, informative publication that has been so helpful in providing me and my friends with the basic facts in such a simple, straightforward way.


When I need a company to develop materials that will be used by patients, my first thought, without any hesitation, is Consumer Health Information Corporation… it was such a pleasure to work with professionals who really cared about the outcome. My sincere thanks to you and your team for developing an excellent patient piece in a miraculous period of time.

  Sandoz Pharmaceuticals

Throughout the entire process, you and your staff have been very responsive to our needs and worked diligently to meet our specifications and timelines. The pieces have received very positive responses from physicians, patients, and the sales forces…we have also had numerous phone calls from patient advocacy groups requesting copies.

  Solvay Pharmaceuticals

The Patient Counselling Resource program you authored has been extremely well received by pharmacists across the country.

  Glaxo Canada

The quality of your corporation’s work is exceptional and we have always been pleased with your flexibility in working with our internal legal and regulatory guidelines.

  Pharmacia & Upjohn Company

Thank you so much for your excellent presentation. Your novel outlook as a concerned consumer was a great way to finish off a very informative day for the conference participants.

  Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy

We consider you a very important partner as we work to improve our patient’s understanding of the role of medication in their prescribed therapies.

  Procter & Gamble

This is an excellent publication. I wish it could be in the hands of every CEO and Health Care Benefits Manager in the country.

  Glaxo Canada

The Patient Counselling Resource program you authored has been extremely well received by pharmacists across the country.

  Pharmacy Owner

Thanks so much for giving us a tool to use to approach local employers without sounding self-serving.

  Pharmacy Owner

From my perspective, this is the best piece of literature to come out of NARD since I have been a member.

  Pharmacy Owner

Thank you for all your help with [our] Patient Package Insert. The suggestions you made were wonderful!

  Orphan Medical

NPC takes great pride in distributing its Prescription Medicine Benefit Programs booklet as we have with all projects done in collaboration with Consumer Health Information Corporation.

  The National Pharmaceutical Council

An excellent videotape for the patient that carefully displays how the drug is absorbed into the body and its effect….the tape acts as a video product insert…a great idea!

  Product Management Today

The most practical source of information on prescription drugs available to the consumer.

  American Pharmaceutical Association

We, and our clients, are extremely pleased with this publication and have been told that it is one of the best of its kind!

  American Council for Headache Education