About Us

Experts In Patient Education and Patient Adherence

Experts in patient education and patient adherence for pharmaceutical companies, health professionals and consumers.

The patient may be the most important member of the health team. The patient decides if, how and when to take medicine. Without good patient information, consumers will continue to make serious home medication errors. With high quality patient education materials, consumers will be able to manage their medications safely leading to better treatment outcomes.

Consumer Health Information Corporation is the industry leader in proven patient Consumer_Outreachengagement and patient adherence strategies, health literacy, and patient education program development for prescription drugs, over-the-counter (OTC) products and medical devices. Our team of health professionals has cutting-edge expertise in clinical trials, patient counseling, patient adherence, health literacy and plain language; prescription drug information for patients, patient safety, consumer behavior, consumer education and FDA patient labeling. Our patient information programs have increased product return on investment by more than 50%. Our creative team transforms this content into patient friendly materials that meet all patient education guidelines for readability and patient comprehension. They work closely with printers and multimedia experts to produce and distribute the final product.

Experts in Patient Engagement, Patient Education, Patient Adherence, Behavior Modification, Health Literacy and Patient Advocacy

Located just outside Washington, DC, Consumer Health Information Corporation is unique because it has 30 years of clinical experience in patient counseling and developing patient information programs on prescription drugs, medical devices and disease management. The company is internationally recognized for its award-winning patient and consumer programs.

We have a team of 300 physicians and pharmacists who are distinguished in their fields of clinical practice.  When we work with a pharmaceutical company, we pull together a team of experts in the specific therapeutic field.  This saves the pharmaceutical company time and money because we do not have to be educated about a medical condition.  We also have experience in counseling patients and know the questions patients ask.  This helps us deliver content that meets the needs of patients in a minimum amount of time.


Affiliated with Schools of Medicine and Pharmacy

Consumer Health Information Corporation is affiliated with several schools of medicine and pharmacy across the United States. The company offers a unique clinical clerkship P4 rotation for doctoral-level pharmacy students.

Actively Involved in National Patient Safety Issues

The company brings clients a wealth of experience based on years of active involvement in national regulatory and FDA issues relating to prescription drug information, patient education and patient medication safety. It has professional liaisons with the major national medical, pharmacy and consumer organizations, and National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE).