Specialty Residency

Specialty Residency in Patient and Consumer Drug Information and Education

Specialty Pharmacy ResidencyConsumer Health Information Corporation (CHIC) is offering a unique post Pharm.D. specialty residency in patient and consumer drug information. This is an organized, directed postgraduate program of practical experience that focuses on developing competencies necessary to provide comprehensive drug information to patients and consumers in “patient-friendly” language. The resident will learn how to meet varying educational needs of different patient populations so that the message is targeted, motivational and helps lead to improved treatment outcomes. This is the only specialty residency of its kind and will train pharmacists who are interested in pursuing a career in patient education.

The year long program will achieve the following outcomes:
  1. Expertise in the evaluation, analysis, synthesis, and provision of drug information to meet the needs of patients, consumers, and clients.
  2. Proficiency as an educator of consumers, patients, pharmacy students, healthcare providers, and peer practitioners.
  3. Proficiency in evaluating clinical literature for appropriate study design, methods, and validation of outcomes in the provision of drug information services.
  4. Successfully design, complete, and present research related to patient and consumer drug information.
  5. Proficiency in the preparation of articles and presentations for consumer and patient audiences.
  6. Proficiency in development of corporate marketing programs as they pertain to patient and consumer drug information.
  7. Expertise in identifying changing trends in healthcare as they relate to pharmacy practice, patient care, treatment outcomes, patient education, consumer awareness, health literacy, FDA regulations, etc. as well as in medical writing.
Drug Information Services

The resident will conduct electronic retrieval of clinical research articles that are required in the development of patient education materials and programs and updating clinical reference sources. The resident will evaluate these articles to determine whether they are appropriate references for the patient/consumer program being developed. Extensive research and documentation is required.

Patient-Friendly Drug Information

The resident will integrate a thorough knowledge of pharmacology, pathophysiology, therapeutics, pharmacokinetics, clinical investigations, and behavioral modification methods to compile, prepare, write, and deliver drug information that consumers and patients will understand at the grade 6 to grade 8 level and will motivate them.

FDA-Approved Patient Package Inserts

Consumer Health Information Corporation develops Patient Package Inserts (PPIs) for pharmaceutical companies. The PPI must meet all the clinical, legal, regulatory, marketing, and consumer research requirements of the pharmaceutical company as well as FDA regulations. The resident will review the most current FDA- approved Package Insert for the specific medication, select information that patients need to know, and translate this information into patient-friendly language so that consumers and patients will use the medication correctly in order to improve medication outcomes, compliance, and reduce medication errors.

Patient Counseling/Compliance Techniques

The resident will translate complicated medical terminology into language that the average patient/consumer can understand. The resident will also learn to apply the Transtheoretical Model of Change to various types of patient compliance programs. The patient compliance problems that can be expected to occur in the targeted patient population will be addressed and the resident will learn how to develop a patient compliance strategy for specific products. Behavioral psychology and counseling techniques will be incorporated in the development of patient education programs in order to motivate patients and increase patient compliance.

Patient pamphlets, diaries, patient videos, consumer websites, and compliance tools

The resident will develop patient counseling tools for use by health professionals in their clinical practices as well as for use by patients in their homes. This may extend to home monitoring devices and OTC educational programs. The resident will have an understanding of patient compliance problems and use behavior modification and counseling techniques to develop effective patient education programs. All programs will be based on the Transtheoretical Model of Change.

Educational Materials for Pharmaceutical Industry

The resident will participate in the development of a wide variety of educational programs for the pharmaceutical industry from worldwide Phase III clinical trials through product launch and post-marketing, including Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) programs. The resident will learn how to develop accurate and understandable consumer messages and integrate them successfully into the marketing plan for a product. These programs must meet marketing, medical, regulatory, and legal requirements.

Consumer-Oriented Information

The resident will learn the difference between writing medication instructions for patients and writing general articles for consumer audiences. The resident will prepare newspaper articles, help prepare programs for consumer audiences, and develop electronic messages that are designed to inform consumers about prescription and non-prescription medications.


The resident will have the opportunity to work with the design team and learn how design can illustrate complicated concepts and reinforce patient education messages. The resident will learn patient education guidelines as they apply to graphic design and layout. Special attention will be given to the effective use of color, charts, subheads, printing specifications, etc.


The resident will precept health professional students (pharmacy, nursing, medical) doing experiential rotations and summer internships at CHIC to sharpen their patient education and writing skills. The company is affiliated with over 30 schools of pharmacy and is a teaching site for Pharm.D. clerkships.


The resident will conduct a research project that is approved by the Residency Director, and will prepare a research paper that is publishable in a peer reviewed pharmaceutical, medical, or drug information journal.

Marketing and Business Administration

The resident will participate in day to day corporate activities. This includes updating marketing databases and communicating with pharmaceutical industry contacts. The resident will receive training in how to write clear, concise, targeted pieces for different audiences.

Staff Resources

CHIC has been in business for 20 years and is internationally recognized for its excellence in the development of patient education materials that motivate patients and increase compliance. The company has modern electronic communications tools and devices to assist the resident to carry out these functions. The resident will work with CHIC clinical experts, medical writers, editorial staff, production team, graphic designers, and patient education experts.

The goal of this specialized residency is to help pharmacists become leaders and experts in the provision of different types of drug information to patients and consumers. Throughout the residency, the pharmacist will develop the appropriate clinical evaluation skills needed to analyze the medical literature and translate this information into language consumers can understand. The pharmacist will possess desirable current and future job skills as they relate to the management and provision of drug information services and pharmaceutical care and demonstrate commitment to professional excellence in pharmacy practice. Finally, the pharmacist will be a leader, able to identify changing trends in healthcare as they relate to pharmacy practice, patient care, treatment outcomes, consumer awareness, and pharmaceutical industry.

Qualifications of Candidates

To be considered for this residency, candidates must be a graduate of an accredited educational program in pharmacy, and be licensed or eligible for licensure in pharmacy practice. The resident should hold a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. Foreign graduates who do not hold a Doctor of Pharmacy degree will be considered on an individual basis. The completion of an experiential rotation at CHIC or a general residency in pharmacy practice is a plus. Where the candidate has not completed a CHIC rotation or residency in pharmacy practice, candidates will be evaluated for their skills in accessing, evaluating, and communicating drug information to consumer and professional audiences.

Program Director
Dorothy L. Smith, Pharm.D.President and CEO(703) 734-0650Fax: (703) 734-1459Email: info@consumer-health.com
Residency Program
Duration/Type 12 mo/ residency
Number of Positions 1-2
Application Deadline March 30
Starting Date July 1
Estimated Stipend $33,000
Fringe Benefits Health insurance, holidays, vacation, onsite gym membership, free parking
Requirements for Acceptance Pharm.D. degree (foreign graduates who do not hold a Doctor of Pharmacy degree will be considered on an individual basis), CV, formal letter of interest, three letters of reference, transcript, completed employment application, interview
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