Summer Internship

Summer Internship

Consumer Health Information Corporation

Summer_Pharmacy_InternshipThis summer internship is designed for pharmacy students who are keenly interested in the development of patient education programs/consumer education (including DTC programs) and publishing. The intern will be involved in the preparation of a wide variety of patient education publications (Patient Package Inserts that must be approved by FDA, pamphlets, newsletters, patient videos, Direct-to-Consumer educational materials, etc.) that will be distributed nationally to patients by physicians and pharmacists.

The summer intern will be involved in the day-to-day activities of the company and receive training in a wide variety of areas. These include:

1. Drug Information

The intern will assist in the retrieval of clinical research articles that are used in the preparation of patient education programs and updating of clinical reference sources. The intern will receive experience in evaluating these articles to determine whether they are appropriate references for the program being developed. Experience in drug information retrieval on the Internet will also be provided.

2. Patient Counseling Techniques

The intern will learn how to translate complicated medical terminology into language that the average patient/consumer can understand. The patient compliance problems that can be expected to occur in the specific program audience will be addressed and the intern will learn the importance of behavioral psychology and counseling techniques in the development of patient education programs. Depending on the activities of the company, the intern will learn the issues that must be addressed in the development of written medication instructions that are clinically accurate, motivate patients and meet the marketing and legal requirements of the client.

3. Application of Knowledge to Pharmaceutical Care

The intern will learn how pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, patient compliance, clinical therapeutics, etc. are applied during the development of pharmaceutical care programs. The intern will learn how to evaluate a patient education program for readability, design, practicality of information, etc. The goal is to develop programs that will help patients understand how to take their medications correctly and help them incorporate the medication regimen into their management of the disease.

4. Project Management

The intern will assist the team in the various stages of program development from concept to design to printing.

5. Marketing and Business Administration

Students will be involved in updating the corporate marketing database. They will also become familiar with various pharmaceutical industry publications and how to keep up-to-date with new products in the pharmaceutical industry and FDA regulations.

Successful applicants will have word-processing experience and excellent spelling and grammar. The internship is a twelve-week program in McLean, Virginia (suburbs of Washington, D.C.). Please send resume, transcript of marks, and letter outlining interest areas in patient education to:

Dorothy L. Smith, Pharm.D. Consumer Health Information Corporation 8001 Westpark Drive, Suite 120 McLean, VA 22102 Phone: 703-734-0650 Fax: 703-734-1459 Email: