The Honorable Paul G. Rogers Presents Medication Communicator Award to Dr. Dorothy Smith for Contributions to Health Literacy





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Dorothy L. Smith, Pharm.D., president and founder of Consumer Health Information Corporation received the 2003 Paul G. Rogers/National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE) Medication Communicator Award for her contributions to health literacy. The award was presented at their 14th National Conference by the Award's namesake, former Congressman (FL) Paul G. Rogers, on December 9th in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Rogers said, "I am extremely pleased to present this award to Dr. Smith who truly exemplifies the NCPIE mission and has continued the great progress through initiatives in health literacy."

Dr. Smith was nominated for her contributions to health literacy through the development of patient information programs and consumer medication information that help patients and consumers learn how to manage their medications wisely and safely. She is an internationally recognized author, patient advocate and expert in patient compliance and behavior modification. Dr. Smith developed one of the first ambulatory patient counseling programs in which patients received private counseling from a pharmacist every time they obtain a prescription.



Dr. Smith said, "It is an honor to have this award presented to me by Mr. Rogers. It will always remind me of his vision and leadership to advance patient education in the United States through NCPIE. It was 20 years ago this week that I formed Consumer Health Information Corporation," she said. "I can't think of anything more special than to receive this award on the 20th anniversary of my company."

This award is named to honor NCPIE's founding chairman, the Honorable Paul G. Rogers for his 16 years of distinguished service. The program recognizes excellence by individuals, organizations and government agencies that promote the "medicine education team." This concept, central to NCPIE's philosophy, emphasizes that consumers, patients, caregivers, health care professionals, the pharmaceutical industry, and other stakeholders share a responsibility to improve communication to help ensure appropriate, safe medicine use.

Consumer Health Information Corporation is internationally recognized for its innovative patient information programs. The company develops patient education and consumer awareness programs on medication use and disease management. They have produced a broad range of award-winning print and audiovisual programs that have helped millions of people learn to make wise decisions about their health and medications. Clients include pharmaceutical companies, consumer organizations and Fortune 500 companies, national health care and professional associations, managed care organizations, insurance companies, and pharmacies. The company is a teaching site for several schools of pharmacy across the United States and a member of the Board of Directors of NCPIE. For more information, visit

The National Council on Patient Information and Education, formed in 1982, is an international non-profit coalition of over 130 organizations that share a commitment to improving communication about the appropriate use of medicines. NCPIE hosts the annual "Talk About Prescriptions" Month, and sponsors the "Be MedWise" campaign promoting wise use of non-prescription medicines. To learn more about the Council, visit or

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Consumer Health Information Corporation was founded by Dorothy L. Smith, Pharm.D, an internationally recognized clinical pharmacist with expertise in patient adherence and patient education. The mission of Consumer Health Information Corporation is to help patients learn how to manage their diseases and prescribed treatments safely and wisely. The company has developed more than 4000 evidence-based patient education programs for medications, medical devices, disease management and Phase III clinical trials worldwide.  A respected clinical and educational source, Consumer Health Information Corporation has won major national and international awards for excellence in patient and consumer education programs that have significantly increased patient adherence. Dr. Smith is the author of more than 130 professional articles, 23 books and has delivered more than 150 professional and scholarly addresses.

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