Consumer Outreach

Health Information For Consumers

“IT’S NOT THE PATIENT’S FAULT” 50% of prescription medicines are not being taken correctly. This often leads to serious medical complications, hospitalization, additional medicines, loss of work, and sometimes death. This is why patients need accurate and easy-to-understand patient information about managing their treatment.

Consumer_OutreachAward-winning customized health information programs for consumers that work! All Consumer Health Information Corporation programs are developed by experts in medicine and pharmacy and are guaranteed to meet health literacy and patient adherence research guidelines.

Consumer Health Information Corporation is unmatched when it comes to developing patient education and patient compliance programs that really work. The company is recognized internationally as a leader in developing health information materials that speak the consumer’s language. Here’s why.

  • We know how to bridge the gap between consumers and their physicians and pharmacists. We have counseled thousands of patients in clinical practice and know firsthand the type of information people need to take their medicines correctly.
  • We understand the barriers patients face when they are diagnosed with a medical condition and require drug therapy. We also understand how consumers are being forced to take more responsibility for their treatments and their need for high quality information.
  • We are experts at translating medical terminology into patient information language that is patient friendly.
  • We have written more than 20 best-selling home reference guides for consumers on how to take prescription medicines correctly, and have answered consumer questions on numerous radio and TV call-in talk shows.
  • You can be assured that thepatient information you provide to consumers is clinically accurate and up-to-date. Our unique comprehensive DocuSourceTMreference system documents every statement we make.
  • Our patient education design specialists visually present the clinical content so it meets your patient compliance goals, and develop simplified medical illustrations patients will understand.
  • We regularly participate in FDA seminars and hearings on patient education … and sit on national patient education councils – including the Board of Directors of the National Council on Patient Information & Education (NCPIE).
  • We have taught patient counseling techniques at medical and pharmacy schools, and we are an accredited teaching site in patient education for Doctor of Pharmacy students.

Our high standards and “Commitment to Excellence” require every patient education program to go through rigorous peer reviews and patient education tests. Yourpatient information programs will gain unbiased credibility with consumers, patients and health care professionals.