Customized Programs

Customized Program Development


A patient counseling tool that really works meets these critical tests:

  • It saves the health professional precious time
  • It is clinically accurate
  • It is practical and easy to use as a teaching tool.
  • It enhances the health professional’s relationship with the patient.

Patient counseling Consumer Health Information Corporation is unmatched when it comes to developing patient education and patient compliance programs that really work.

Our firsthand experience in clinical practice makes us sensitive to the time barriers and other constraints physicians, pharmacists and other health providers face when educating their patients. Our high quality programs provide healthcare professionals with time-saving tools that reinforce their patient counseling messages.

Each program uses proven behavior modification techniques that are specifically selected so they are appropriate for the target audience, age, culture, disease condition and medication. The goal is to motivate patients to become more aware of how important their role is in their own health care and the steps they can take to more effectively manage their treatment.

Services Offered Include: