Consumer Awareness Programs

You can be confident that programs developed by Consumer Health Information Corporation are:

  • Clinically accurate and up-to-date
  • Understandable and practical
  • Credible with consumers, patients and health professionals.

pic_capConsumer Health Information Corporation specializes in developing consumer information programs on prescription and nonprescription medications, Rx-to-OTC switches and disease prevention.

Customized newsletters and mass media programs for patients, consumers and employees can increase awareness on a wide variety of topics related to self-care, disease management and the important role the patient plays in treatment.

Consumer Health Information Corporation can develop programs that will:

  • Integrate patient education into all your consumer messages
  • Increase drug interaction awareness
  • Increase your professional image through customized patient education and information newsletters and pamphlets
  • Make consumers more aware of when to call their physician and pharmacist

Our programs have been distributed nationally at health fairs, community health events, and Chamber of Commerce exhibits. Upon request from physicians and pharmacists, programs can be distributed nationally to patients in waiting rooms and pharmacies.