Rx-to-OTC and OTC Medications


Consumers presently encounter row up row of similar products and are forced to select one product, which may not necessarily be the best one for their symptoms .Don’t let this happen to your patients, motivate them to complete their treatment.

Make patient education your competitive edge.

  • Make consumers aware of the unique services your pharmacists can provide in selecting OTC products.
  • Use consumer Information programs as marketing tools.
  • Take advantage of the tremendous opportunities for pharmacies to expand their OTC markets.

Consumers need help in selecting OTC products that are safe and effective for them to treat their symptoms. Many consumers lack the knowledge needed to determine whether an OTC product will interact with any of their current prescription medications or herbal remedies, or if they have a medical condition that makes it unsafe to take that OTC product.

When the pharmacist recommends an OTC product:

  • 99% of consumers will purchase it.
  • 91% of consumers will purchase it a second time.
  • 91% of consumers will repurchase it from the same pharmacist who made the initial OTC recommendation.

Give your customers more information on OTCs and home test kits than your competitors. Consumers will be more likely to come back to your pharmacy and repurchase the product if they receive user-friendly “how to” information beyond what they get from your competitors. Consumer Health Information Corporation knows how to turn consumers into powerful allies for your pharmacy.

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