“Use your web site to build consumer trust and brand loyalty.”



Both the content and design of your website must meet patient education requirement. The content must be 100% accurate and evidence-based. The design must reinforce the words to help motivate the patient and improve patient recall.

Consumer Health Information Corporation will take the extra steps to make your website a valuable part of your patient education program – meeting all your patient information, adherence, marketing and regulatory needs.

Web Site Content

Our content and patient adherence experts will integrate the medical information on the medications and disease management with evidence-based behavior modification and patient comprehension techniques. Our team of drug information experts will provide your company with complete documentation that your legal and regulatory team will find helpful during approval meetings. Our team follows this process to ensure excellence::

  • Conducts an extensive drug literature search to ensure the information is current
  • Uses only original clinical articles from peer-reviewed journals
  • References every statement using our unique DocuSource™ system. (This provides you with an important safety net in the event a specific statement is ever questioned.)
  • Tailors patient information for your specific target audience
  • Correctly interprets the clinical articles
  • Translates patient information into language consumers can understand and use
  • Applies proven patient education and behavior modification principles throughout
Web Site Design

Our award-winning web site designers work closely with our clinical team to:

  • Develop a site map that ensures the information is easy to access and easy to use
  • Use state-of-the-art interactive web site design
  • Build in illustrations and graphic animation to help explain the content
  • Present patient information in brief, compelling segments – avoiding “information overload”

A web site that consumers trust can increase consumer awareness, brand loyalty and patient adherence. Let us help you set your web site apart. Make it a reputable, high quality resource for consumers.

Web Site Content and Design:

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