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Patient Education

Whether your medical practice employs a staff of two or two-hundred, enjoying informed and cooperative patients who are motivated to comply with your prescribed drug therapies and aftercare directives is good for both them and your practice.

Patients who clearly understand how to adhere to their medications and outpatient instructions are not only far less likely to require unnecessary phone and office follow-ups for clarification, but are also more likely to have a positive health outcome as a result of your treatment.

Here at Consumer Health Information Corporation, we specialize in tailoring patient education materials to the very specific needs of private practice medical offices across the industry spectrum. From patient hand-outs and directions for after-care procedures, to waiting rooms, practice websites and more.

Informed and Compliant Patients Are Good For Your Medical Practice

We Develop Customized Content Tailored To The Needs Of Private Medical Practice Offices Including:

  • Our team of health professionals is internationally recognized for its patient education program.
  • Customized patient education content
  • Creation of standalone patient education web portals for medications, procedures and disease management
  • Creation of brochures and print matter to be distributed within the office waiting rooms or handed during patient consultation.
  • Creation of monthly patient newsletters, either digital or print, branded to your practice

Are you a medical office looking for ways to strengthen your bottom line through improved patient health and compliance? Give us a call now at (703) 734-0650 for a confidential consultation and needs assessment.