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Consumer_Health_Media Consumer Health Information Corporation is nationally involved in almost every aspect of patient education. The company sits on the Board of Directors for the National Council on Patient Information and Education (NCPIE), the National Board of Advisors for the University of Arizona, College of Pharmacy, and the Dean's Advisory Council for the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, College of Pharmacy. Consumer Health Information Corporation frequently participates in FDA hearings and conferences on issues relating to informing the consumer how to take medications safely and wisely.

Dr. Dorothy Smith is a strong patient advocate and has appeared on hundreds of television and radio programs across the country to increase consumer awareness of their important role in prescription drug therapy. She has been interviewed and quoted on patient compliance and education topics in numerous publications, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, U.S. News & World Report, Woman's World, and Cosmopolitan.




Dr. Dorothy Smith Delivers 2008 Commencement Address to University of Maryland School of Pharmacy


PharmaVOICE 100 Names Dr. Dorothy L. Smith as One of Its Most Inspiring Leaders

Consumer Health Information Corporation Wins the National Health Information Gold Two Years Running For Fujisawa Transplant Patient Program

Consumer Health Information Corporation Wins National Health Information and Printing Awards

Consumer Health Information Corporation Marks 16 Years Of Effective Patient Education Programs

Consumer Health Information Corporation Wins Gold Award

Consumer Health Information Corporation Wins 2003 National Health Information Award for Fujisawa's Kidney and Liver Transplant Journal

Consumer Health Information Corporation Program Receives Top Honors in Global Awards Competition

Consumer Health Re-Elected To Board of National Council On Patient Information And Education

Consumer Health Information Corporation Featured in USA Today Article on Need for Effective Patient Information

University of Cincinnati Alumni Masters Series Award Presented to Dr. Dorothy L. Smith

Dr. Dorothy L. Smith Receives Distinguished Alumni Award from University of Cincinnati Medical Center, College of Pharmacy

Consumer Health Information Corporation Names Furia Rubel Communications PR Agency of Record

The Honorable Paul G. Rogers Presents Medication Communicator Award to Dr. Dorothy Smith for Contributions to Health Literacy

Dr. Dorothy L. Smith Joins Phi Lambda Sigma at the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy

Dr. Dorothy Smith Receives Honorary Life Membership Award From Canadian Pharmacists Association

National Academies of Practice Inducts Dorothy L. Smith, Pharm.D.

Dr. Dorothy L. Smith Receives APhA Foundation 2010 Pinnacle Award for Leadership in Patient Adherence

Consumer Health Information Corporation Honored With Two National Health Information Awards  

University of Saskatchewan 100 Years Alumni of Influence

Dr. Dorothy Smith Receives Honorary Life Membership Award From Canadian Pharmacists Association

Consumer Health Information Corporation Wins Web Award


Consumer Health Information Corporation receives 2013 VIRGINIA EXCELLENCE AWARD

Caregiver Education

Caregivers Need Special Attention, Education And Support In Proper Use Of Medications

Clinical Trials/Patient Safety

CHIC President Dorothy L. Smith Authors Lead Article in European Society of Clinical Pharmacy Newsletter

NOTE TO PHARMA: Focus on Patient Adherence in Clinical Trials Before Product Launch

Patients in Clinical Trials May Be Putting the Public At Risk

Consumer Health Information Corporation Warns Poor Patient Adherence in Clinical Trials May be Putting the Public at Risk

"How Safe Are Prescription Drug Doses if Patients in Clinical Trials Did Not Take the Full Dose?" asks Dr. Dorothy L. Smith, President of Consumer Health Information Corporation

How Safe is the Prescribed Dose For Some drugs Now on the Market?

Cost of Patient Noncompliance

Health Plan Costs Soaring Because Employees Do Not Take Medications Correctly

Consumer Health To Develop Program To Help Get The Most For The Prescription Dollar

Consumer Education Called The Key To Reducing Health Care Costs

Educating Caregivers Is Called The Key To Reducing Health Care Costs

Patient Education Can Reduce Costs & Deaths from Medication Errors, Dr. Dorothy L. Smith Tells Patient Safety Conference

ECONOMIC CRISIS: Pharma Sales Will Drop As Patients Cut Back on Prescriptions

ECONOMIC CRISIS: Family Health Care Costs Will Skyrocket As Patients Cut Back on Prescription Drugs

DTC Education

Direct-To-Consumer Advertising of Rx Medicines Falls Short of Potential in Return on Investment

DTC's New Job: Boosting Compliance

FDA Public Hearing

Consumer Health Information Corporation Responds to FDA Public Hearing on Patient Medication Information; FDA is Urged to 'Put Patients First"

OTC Products

Consumer Package Inserts Needed In Rx-To-OTC Products Says Patient Information Expert

Patient Adherence Packaging

Dr. Dorothy L. Smith interviewed in March 2004 by Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News.

Patient Education And Adherence

Pharmacists Urged To Improve Quality Of Service

Leader In Patient Education Writes Second Edition Of Understanding Canadian Prescription Drugs

Consumer Health Publication Deemed "Pharmacy's Strongest Case"

Consumer Health Line Of Services Expanded To Include CE Programs For Health 

Consumers Must Be Properly Informed In Order To Make Healthy Choices

Importance Stressed of Integrating Patient Information With Disease Management Programs

A Pioneer in Patient Medication Education: Still Exploring New Frontiers

September 11 Events Dramatically Point to Health Literacy Needs of Consumers

Consumer Health Information Corporation Helps Develop Major Survey on Consumer Attitudes and Behavior Toward Prescription Drug Use

Pharmacists for the Protection of Patient Care Coalition Forms

Dr. Dorothy Smith Featured in PharmaVOICE as Leading Patient Compliance Expert

Dr. Dorothy L. Smith Interviewed by the American College of Cardiology: Getting to the Heart of Patient Adherence

NEWS-Line for Pharmacist's Q&A Interview: Dr. Dorothy L. Smith talks about the past, present and future of the pharmacist's role in patient adherence and medication safety.

Do You Know . . . Patients with certain medical conditions cannot distinguish between certain colors?

Patient Retention/Sales

Low Health Literacy Results in Billions in Lost Sales for Pharmaceutical Industry; Poor Health Outcomes for Patients

5 Major Pitfalls to Avoid in Patient Adherence Programs

Pharmacy Can Double Sales in Two Years by Increasing Patient Adherence

Smart Phone Apps