Commitment to Excellence

The Consumer Health Commitment to Excellence


There is a vast difference between patient education materials that merely look nice and those that really work!



Consumer Health Information Corporation is recognized by health professionals, regulatory agencies and consumer health organizations as an indicator of the highest professional standards in patient education.


Our patient information programs have a reputation for speedy FDA approval – saving clients the time and expense of repeated submissions.

Consumer Health Information Corporation works with your legal and regulatory teams to incorporate additional wording requirements so that the message remains “patient friendly.” We are actively involved in FDA issues relating to patient medication instructions and patient counseling.

Patient Education Consumer Health Information Corporation’s patient adherence and patient education programs have earned an unmatched reputation for quality and credibility among consumers and health professionals. Our “Commitment to Excellence” requires every patient information program to go through a rigorous developmental and evaluation process by our team of clinical and patient education experts. This ensures that it meets the highest standards of patient education and patient adherence.

Initial Needs Assessment

Our clinical and patient education experts identify the patient adherence barriers that must be overcome. This includes patient adherence problems that are associated with the specific medication, the disease and the patient population. Drawing upon our experience in clinical practice, our team is also able to identify the specific needs of health professionals who will be using the patient information program.

“Patient-friendly” Language

Our team of clinical experts and patient education experts translate complex medical terminology into language that patients can understand – and which meets FDA requirements. All patient information materials meet health literacy, readability and patient comprehension guidelines.

Risk Management

We are experts in risk management. The side effect profile, drug interactions, and precautions are carefully reviewed and translated into non-threatening language patients can understand. Practical home risk management steps are developed so patients will know what to expect and can safely manage minor side effects. This will give them a positive alternative to stopping the drug.

Access to Clinical Literature

Because of our faculty appointments to over 40 universities across the United States, we have access to every clinical journal in the world. This guarantees that the patient information we develop is accurate and up-to-date.

Complete Documentation

Our unique DocuSourceTM reference and documentation system – based on our extensive drug information experience – expedites your internal review process and gives you assurance that every patient information statement is accurate.

Peer Review

More than 300 internationally distinguished physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals serve on our Peer Review Panel. This assures that the patient information reflects the latest clinical developments.

Meeting the Practice Needs of Health Professionals

Our years in clinical practice give us an understanding of the time and storage space limitations of health professionals, as well as their specific patient counseling needs. Our participation in national health policy organizations keeps us current on all new federal patient counseling regulations that impact the health professional.

Award-Winning Design

Our award-winning designers work closely with our clinical team to “blend the art with the science.” Patient education principles are applied to the selection of fonts, type sizes, colors, paper stock and medical illustrations to ensure the final product is “patient friendly.”

Notarized Foreign Translations

Patient information programs can be accurately translated into more than 100 languages.

National Endorsements

Located in the metropolitan Washington, DC, area, Consumer Health Information Corporation has developed professional relationships with many national health-related consumer and health professional organizations.