Many patients do not take their medications correctly because they do not know how to measure their progress or determine if the medication is “working.”

Client: Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Patient adherence

Taking Control Of OCD

This Patient Progress Log increased patient engagement by helping patients identify their signs of personal progress. This leads to better patient adherence. Consumer Health Information Corporation specializes in development of patient information personal progress logs that are motivating and will dramatically improve patient adherence.

To address this important issue, this patient information pamphlet incorporated a motivational Personal Progress Log to help patients with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) monitor their progress. This positive feedback reassures patients that they are making progress with their therapy, encourages patients to remain on the therapy, and provides a valuable record for healthcare providers to assess and modify therapy as needed.

This patient information pamphlet was highly successful and millions of copies were printed because of physician demand. Physicians called sales representatives and asked them to come and meet with them because they needed additional copies for their patients!

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Why Our Customized Patient Progress Logs Increase Patient Adherence:
  • Our personal progress logs for patients increase patient adherence! Patients know their medications and treatments are working and do not drop out of therapy!
  • We know how to apply patient adherence and behavior modification research to specific medical conditions and medications.
  • We know how to select which symptoms of either a disease or adverse effect can be monitored safely by a patient with a specific medical condition.
  • Complex medical symptoms are translated into patient-friendly language.
  • We know how to develop Personal Progress Logs so they have the most impact on encouraging patients to manage their medications wisely … and increase patient adherence.
  • Many physicians request their patients to maintain these patient information logs because of the valuable information they contain.
  • We know how to integrate Personal Progress Logs into the total patient adherence strategy and development of patient decision-making materials.