DTC Patient Education

Patient Education Programs

“If your strategy is focused only on getting the physician to write the initial prescription, you are selling your products short.”

– Client Quote

 “Help prevent patient dropouts by incorporating a patient retention strategy into your patient education programs.”


Patient Package Inserts (PPIs) can have a tremendous impact on the success of a DTC campaign.”

For every 100 consumers who read your ad:

  • 7 people will receive a prescription*
  • 6 people will get the prescription filled*
  • 4 will make it to the first refill*
  • 3 will make it to the second refill*
  • 2 will make it to the third refill*
  • Only 1 person will make it to the fourth or fifth refill**
* Prevention Magazine 1999 Survey of Consumer Reactions to Direct-to-Consumer Advertising
** Consumer Health Information Corporation Patient Compliance Database

Don’t sell your product short.

The fact is that by the fourth refill you’ve lost more than half of your potential refill market … which is larger than the initial prescription market. If you could motivate all 6 patients who had the initial prescription filled to continue getting their refills, you would increase your product’s sales to 24 by the fourth refill. Today, you’re lucky if you have 10 product sales by the time of the fourth or fifth refill.

Even worse, drop-out patients will not respond fully to your product. Physicians may conclude your product doesn’t work.

Keep the momentum of your DTC ad going.

Convince the patient to take your product over the long term. Link your DTC strategy to an overall patient compliance program. Ensure that patients receive the full benefit of your medication, and you get the maximum ROI.

Make us a member of your DTC strategic planning team.Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 12.32.22 AM

Our experts in patient adherence and consumer behavior know how to develop “consumer-friendly” materials that will motivate patients to take the medication correctly. Consumer Health Information Corporation is the industry leader in patient education… with cutting-edge expertise in clinical practice, consumer behavior, DTC communications, and patient information.

Our Services:

Consumer Health Information Corporation has expertise in:

  • Patient adherence strategy for DTC programs
  • Patient information materials
  • DTC “patient-friendly” risk management
  • Pre-launch disease awareness programs
  • Direct mail educational programs
  • 1-800 fulfillment materials
  • Health screening tools
  • Consumer newsletters
  • Tools for health professionals

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