Employee Education

Employee Education and Patient Information

Noncompliance is one of the country’s largest and most expensive disease categories totaling more than $100 billion each year in medical costs, absenteeism, accidents and lost productivity.

Employee Education
Patient noncompliance with prescription medications has a profound impact on every corporation’s bottom line. And the costs continue to soar.

  • A worker is injured because he doesn’t know how to manage the dizziness caused by his antidepressant medication.
  • A retiree stops taking his high blood pressure medicine, then has a stroke or requires kidney dialysis – either of which may have been preventable.
  • A mother fails to give her child an antibiotic for the full course of treatment and the middle ear infection comes back – requiring more time away from work and more doctor and pharmacy costs.

Effective patient information is the key to stemming these costs. Consumer Health Information Corporation can help an employer get the maximum return on its health care expenditures by teaching employees how to take greater responsibility for their health care at home and at work. Glaxo Employee Education Series

Employee Education:

Patient Noncompliance Takes a Big Bite Out of Every Corporation’s Bottom Line

97% of Patient Education Materials Don’t Work…Do Yours?

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