Health Screening Tools

Health Screening Tool Development Specialists

Make sure that your health screening tool makes it clear when a consumer should take the next step and make an appointment with their physician.

Health Screening
Our health screening tools have received 100% approval without any wording changes. The market research was conducted with both consumers and healthcare professionals. Physicians in the market research also recommended that our health screening tools should become a part of the patients medical record because they contain such valuable patient history information.

Consumers are playing a more active role in their health care and are looking for help in determining their personal health risks. That is why high quality health screening tools can guide a patient to seek medical care, and can even become a part of their medical record.

Developing an effective health screening tool requires expertise in translating symptomatology into language that means something to consumers. Consumer Health Information Corporation has the clinical expertise to be able to differentiate between which symptoms of a condition are important to describe to a patient and which symptoms are not necessary to include in a health screening tool.

The information is then translated accurately into language consumers can understand. Consumers are then given clear guidance on how to interpret their results and when they should seek medical care.

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