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Home Testing And Home Monitoring Devices

“Many consumers do not know how to use home test kits or monitoring devices. Many also do not know how to interpret the results. The consumer may fail to seek needed medical attention and may believe your test does not work.”

Home Test Consumers are purchasing more and more home test kits and home monitoring devices. These products are being used in two ways.

  • Consumers are attempting to monitor their own health by using home test kits to detect the early signs of a disease (such as high cholesterol) or condition (such as pregnancy).
  • They are also purchasing home monitoring devices to track their blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose levels, etc.

In order to properly use a home test kit or home monitoring device, consumers need “how-to-use” information that is:

  • written in language they can understand
  • non-intimidating
  • presented from the consumer’s perspective

Consumer Health Information Corporation has easy-to-use instructions for products already on the market and in clinical trials. We have the clinical and patient education expertise it takes to:

  • write easy-to-understand “step-by-step” instructions and patient information
  • present patient information in a logical order that can be easily followed by a consumer using the product for the first time
  • integrate the text with the design to further simplify the various steps
  • present photographs and illustrations “through the eyes” of the patient
  • skillfully caption illustrations to enhance consumer understanding
  • incorporate behavior modification techniques that motivate consumers to follow the instructions and be able to interpret the results correctly


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Our Expertise in Patient Education Is Unmatched

Let us put our over 30 years experience developing patient education programs  to work for you! 

Our team has expertise in:
  • Developing a patient adherence strategy for the product
  • Developing all the patient information materials
  • Writing clinical information in an empathetic tone that patients can understand and relate to
  • Developing “patient-friendly” user manuals for medical devices
  • working with your Regulatory and Medical teams to submit to FDA with full documentation for speedy approval
  • Notarized translations in 104 languages that can be used internationally

Our team of patient education experts have years of experience counseling patients and have worked with pharma medical, legal, regulatory and marketing teams and FDA for the past 20 years. All of our materials are designed with a focus on patient compliance with the goal that patients will be motivated to manage their medications and medical devices safely and wisely.

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