Patient Adherence Packaging


Drug Packaging And Patient Adherence Packaging Experts

“The information on the packaging is the last chance the pharmaceutical company has before the patient removes the medication to administer it.”

Patient Adherence PackagingPatient adherence packaging works if it meets patient information requirements and is easy for the patient to use! It makes the final delivery of the medication to the patient more patient-friendly and ties together the entire patient education program. It sends the message to the consumer that the pharmaceutical company is doing everything possible to make the medication easy to understand and safe for the patient to use.


Reinforce the Key Messages of Your Patient Adherence Strategy

The key to successful packaging is to make sure that both the design and the content of the patient information meet patient education requirements.

Consumer Health Information Corporation’s team of experts can help your company create patient-adherence packaging for every phase of a product’s usage.

  • Clinical Trials – Packaging is very important during clinical trials. Patients MUST take the Phase III product correctly or the clinical investigators will be basing their conclusions, including recommended dose, on inaccurate information.
  • Product Launch – The design and content of the starter packs can have a strong impact on patient compliance. Patients need patient-friendly “reminder information” on the box containing the starter pack, as well as on the blister pack itself if one is included.
  • Post Launch – Adherence packaging and patient information materials make the administration of the drug easier for the patient and helps remind them to get their refills before they run out of medication, increasing refill compliance.

Adherence Packaging should be based on a patient adherence strategy for the product. Consumer Health Information Corporation has the expertise you need to tie the entire patient adherence program together so that the needs of the patient are met..

  • Our experts can help you increase your ROI significantly by developing a total patient education program based on a Patient Compliance Strategy for your product.
  • We develop high-quality patient education materials written and designed so that patients will understand the information.
  • We are experts in developing Patient Package Inserts, which provides patients the information they need to know in the language they can understand so they are completely aware of how to manage their medication. Unlike the standard Package Insert, which was designed for health professionals and can leave the patient confused and more likely to make an error, the Patient Package Insert is designed specifically for the patient.

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