Product Launch

Our unique expertise in clinical therapeutics and legal/regulatory requirements saves you time and money to help you achieve a successful product launch.

Product_Launch_300pxHave a product launch on the horizon? We can build patient confidence and brand loyalty for your product through:

  • Integration strategies to ensure consistency in all your messages … from your Phase III patient instructions to your DTC ad and collateral materials to the patient information distributed by health professionals.
  • FDA-approved Patient Package Inserts (PPIs) translating indications, dosage, benefits and risks, and side effect management in accurate, “consumer-friendly” language.
  • Patient starter kits designed to motivate patient compliance.
  • Compliance packaging.
  • Sales representative training to ensure they can tell health professionals why your patient education/information tools are unique.

We have always been pleased with your flexibility in working with our internal legal and regulatory guidelines

– Client Quote

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