Patient Starter Kits

Patient Education Starter Kits that Increase Patient Adherence

Sales more than doubled within one year of the release of the Patient Education Starter Kit.pharmacist shaking patient hand

The Consumer Health team can help your brand bridge and transition the patient-centric gap between Phase III approval and Product Launch.  We do this by integrating the patient education and patient adherence findings from Phase III and integrating them into a Product Launch patient program.  This will increase patient safety as well as patient adherence and make the product launch successful.  The key to success is to make sure the patient understands how to manage the medication and any medical devices safely and wisely.

One of the most important components of the Product Launch is the Patient Education Starter Kit.

Development of the Patient Education Starter Kit Box design as well as all the collateral patient education materials and health professional counseling tools.

  • Patient Information Content: Our health professional team of pharmacists and physicians will ensure that the content of all the materials meet patient education guidelines.  Our goal is to motivate patients and increase patient adherence.
  • Graphic Design to reinforce Patient Information Content: Our graphic design team will follow your product branding guidelines and reinforce the patient information content so that it will be motivational and help increase patient adherence and patient safety.
  • Stock Photos – We will manage all the stock photo usage. We will carefully select photos that will reinforce the patient information.  We do not just insert images that are “pretty” but have no educational purpose.
  • Photoshoot Direction – We will determine the photos required for your Patient User Manuals and will manage the entire photoshoot to ensure that your patients understand the proper usage of the medication as well as any medical device required e.g. pre-filled injectable syringe.  We will develop an FDA-approved User Manual as well as any spinoffs that will help health professionals teach patients at the initial visit how to administer and manage the medication and use the medical device.
  • Focus-Group Testing of User Manual (US) – We will partner closely with your marketing research team to ensure that the patient instructions are completely understood and are motivational.  The Consumer Health team will help your marketing research team develop focus group questions that will target patient adherence and patient comprehension.  We will send our experts (health professional and lead designer) to the market research to make any content and design changes immediately based on the focus group comments.  This makes it possible for the market research team to revise patient information immediately and test  revised mockups immediately negating the need to do subsequent testing at a later date.  This saves costs and time for our clients and ensures fast results.
  • Translations and development of User Manual for market research in Europe –   We partner closely with the client’s marketing research team and have developed multiple translations and mockups  for testing in Europe and Asia.
  •  Health Professional Counseling Tool – We can develop a patient counseling tool for health professionals to help them quickly understand how to use the components in the Patient Starter Kit to counsel patients as well as tear-off sheets physicians could hand to the patient when starting the patient on the medication.  These tear-off sheets will save the physician  time and also help patients off to an “easy start” and to motivate them to get their refills on time.

Our tools are so effective that physicians routinely call the sales representatives and ask them to come to their office and bring more of the patient information tools.

  • Participation in weekly Production Meetings – We will work very closely with the client’s Production Team and the client’s the Paper Stock and Printing Team in the development of the printing and design specs of all the patient education materials.   We also can manage the entire production using our production teams that have managed millions of copies of multi-component programs requiring customized packaging.
  • Participation in the client’s regulatory review and approval of all the patient education materials  – We will also work closely with the client’s regulatory team during the approval process.  We find it most cost-effective to participate via conference calls.  During these calls, our team is able to answer medical and patient education/patient adherence questions immediately and turn around any design or content changes immediately. Very few changes in our work are ever required.  This makes it possible for the project to meet the very tight deadlines and keep costs to a minimum.
  • Testimonials

“An outstanding  job!  Our new Patient Starter Kit is very patient/HCP friendly.  I believe this is going can help the global brand team build a very intuitive kit”

“The patient education materials have been significantly improved.”