Product Launches


Our unique expertise in clinical therapeutics and legal/regulatory requirements saves you time and money to help you achieve a successful product launch.

We can build patient confidence and brand loyalty for your product through:

  • Integration strategies to ensure consistency in all your messages … from your Phase III patient instructions to your DTC ad and collateral materials to the patient information distributed by health professionals.
  • FDA-approved Patient Package Inserts (PPIs) translating indications, dosage, benefits and risks, and side effect management in accurate, “consumer-friendly” language.
  • Patient starter kits designed to motivate patient compliance.
  • Compliance packaging.
  • Sales representative training to ensure they can tell health professionals why your patient education/information tools are unique.


Our programs have been so successful that physicians have called and requested the sales representatives to come back to their offices and bring more patient information materials!

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“We have always been pleased with your

flexibilityin working with our internal legal

and regulatory guidelines.”