In order to help consumers better understand a medical condition, two advertorials were developed by our experts to support a DTC campaign.

Client: Pharmacia Corporation


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 Advertorials For Consumers And Health Professionals


  • The consumer advertorial, published in consumer magazines, described the medical condition and contained a series of questions for consumers to ask their physicians.
  • The advertorial for health professionals presented the latest statistics on the prevalence of the condition and encouraged them to be open with patients while discussing a potentially embarrassing problem.

Consumer Health Information Corporation handled all stages of the project including identification of the questions consumers are most likely to ask; development of brief one-page articles individually targeted to physicians and consumers; integration of content and design to give branding to the materials; development of easy-to-understand and concise content that was evidence-based as well as complete production including printing.

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Our Competitive Edge

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  • We know how to help you provide consumers with accurate and practical patient information to support your DTC campaign.
  • We help our clients bridge the gap with health professionals so they have the credible patient information they need to be able to answer consumers’ questions.