Health Screening


This health screening tool was developed to help women assess their risk for a number of conditions related to aging – including osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and depression. The convenient size of this patient information pamphlet makes it suitable for distribution through tabletop and counter displays in doctors’ offices, pharmacies and health fairs.

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Client: Eli Lilly & Company

Health screening tools

 Take Charge Of Your Health … After Menopause


Our Competitive Edge

Here’s why our clients keep coming back.

  • We know which risk factors should be included in the screening tool because of our drug information, patient counseling and risk assessment expertise.
  • We know how to conduct an electronic drug information search of the clinical literature and evaluate which articles are pertinent and credible.
  • Clinical symptomotology and risk information is translated into language that consumers can understand.
  • Consumers are motivated to take the appropriate “next step” because we know how to skillfully apply behavior modification techniques.
  • Our experts present risk information in a way that encourages the consumer to take control of their health … without frightening them.
  • Our unique DocuSourceTM referencing system provides your team with the type of drug information documentation you need to keep on file.
  • The Consumer Health Information Corporation team develops health screening tools that physicians will want to keep as part of the patient’s medical record. It is more than just a patient information pamphlet but gives the physicians and health care team valuable feedback from the patient.
  • Health screening tools are adapted to the Internet without losing clinical accuracy.

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