Train The Trainer Programs


This unique patient education program trains volunteers to become Mentors for transplant patients, patients awaiting transplants, and living donors. It is the first patient education training program of its kind used in hospital transplant centers in the United States and consists of an integrated training program for both mentors and their mentees.

Client: Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc.

Patient education

Sharing Your Experiences: Transplant Mentor Program

This program won the Gold Award in the 2004 National Health Information Award competition.

The program has two components:

  • The Trainer Manual, developed for those who instruct the Mentors, contains the complete patient information training and backgroundpatient information that the Trainers are going to need in order to be effective and answer questions during the program.
  • The Mentor Manual is the corresponding teaching aid that is used to train Mentors.

The two patient information manuals are completely integrated so that the Trainer can easily refer the Mentor to specific pages in their manuals. The program was based on progressive patient education principles that include a multi-component approach to training, making the training more effective. Mentors can then “build” upon each prior learning experience.

The program has been highly successful since its launch. Transplant centers across the United States have requested the program be made available for their patients.


Our Competitive Edge

Here’s why our clients keep coming back.

  • We write in language and at a readability level that the average consumer can understand. This ensures that trainers have a thorough comprehension of the program content so they are able to apply it effectively.
  • Behavior modification techniques are incorporated into our programs. These techniques make the program lively and motivate both the trainers and the trainees.
  • Step-by-step instructions make it easy for the trainer to learn how to lead a program.
  • We equip the trainer with all of the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure the trainer is fully prepared.
  • The trainer and trainee manuals are completely integrated. This makes presentation of the program extremely easy and the trainer and trainees are always on “the same page.”