Foreign Translations of Patient Information

Ensure that all foreign translations are Grade 6-8 readability level

notorized translation

  • Same readability level as English
  • Culturally-sensitive for foreign study patient population
  • Get notarized translations guaranteeing readability and accuracy of translation

This FDA-approved patient information booklet answers questions that a Spanish-speaking new mother should ask in order to make an informed decision regarding the use of an injectable contraceptive. The program was very successful and was awarded a National Health Information award for excellence.

Client: Pharmacia Corporation


Un Metodo Anticonceptive Cuando No Queda Tiempo Para Pensario 

(Birth Control: When There Is No Extra Time To Think About It)

A unique feature of the booklet is the Depo-Provera Appointment Calendar, which is used as a tool to enhance patient compliance with the contraceptive.

Consumer Health Information Corporation handled all stages of the project including development of the patient adherence strategy, research of the medical literature to determine the most effective techniques of modifying patient behavior in this medical category; development of creative content and graphic design that reinforced each other and met patient education requirements, selection of colors and photos that would be acceptable to the patient’s culture, as well as complete production and printing.

 Our Competitive Edge

Here’s why our clients keep coming back.
  • We can provide notarized translations into more than 100 languages – and they are reviewed by medical translators to ensure clinical accuracy. They also ensure our clients that the translation is at the same readability level as the original English document.
  • Our experts understand how cultural differences impact the way individuals respond to patient education.
  • We know how to apply different behavior modification techniques for the specific target population.
  • We can adapt the content and design of the English language version so the program will be accepted by the target population.

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