Services for Pharmaceutical

“Customized Programs”

“Set your products apart from the others.

Build brand loyalty and enhance brand image.

Improve patient adherence and treatment outcomes.

Increase market share for both new and refilled prescriptions.

Increase product sales.”

Patient education programs that are based on a sound patient adherence strategy will increase patient retention … and your ROI.

Every product manager should be able to expect that the budget dollars allocated to patient counseling tools for physicians, patient education programs and patient adherence programs will:

  • help patients and caregivers get off to a good start with your product
  • provide patients and caregivers with the different types of patient information they need at different stages of therapy
  • keep patients motivated to stay in therapy through a variety of customized patient progress self-monitoring tools
  • increase patient retention
  • decrease call center costs (because patients understand how to use the product because the patient information materials are easy to understand)
  • increase calls from physicians requesting sales reps to come back to the clinics and replenish patient counseling tools
  • increase your return on investment (ROI).

Consumer Health Information Corporation has been working with the pharmaceutical industry for 27 years and has helped product managers reach goals they never thought possible. Our team of experts develop a patient adherence strategy for the product. The results have led to astounding success for product managers.

The Consumer Health Information Team brings expertise you cannot find elsewhere. No other company or agency can offer all the expertise in patient information, patient adherence, patient education program development, academia combined with drug information expertise, patient counseling experience and professional affiliations in pharmacy, medicine, nursing and consumer health organizations. Our patient education programs have increased patient adherence up to 50% because they are based on our expertise in medicine, FDA patient labeling, health literacy, plain language, patient education, patient adherence and understanding of needs of patients, health professionals and our clients.

Consumer Health Information Corporation has been working with the pharmaceutical industry since 1983 and knows how to meet the patient information content needs of your marketing, legal, regulatory divisions as well as FDA. Our programs have increased product ROI up to 50%.

Every program our patient adherence team develops will be one step closer to helping your product achieve its maximum ROI because it will:

  • be 100% clinically accurate
  • meet FDA requirements
  • meet all internal medical, marketing, legal and regulatory requirements
  • be developed according to proven patient education principles
  • deliver a consistent “consumer-friendly” message
  • be skillfully integrated with all of your product-specific patient information

Consumer Health Information Corporation can help you effectively develop and integrate your patient information messages for consumers and patients at every stage: from Phase III to FDA-approved patient labeling, to patient education and consumer awareness programs… to compliance packaging for the product launch starter kit … to all your product-specific patient information programs.

“Our unique expertise in FDA-approved patient labeling and evidence-based patient adherence programs development can give  your product a competitive edge.”