Train The Trainer Programs

Train The Trainer Programs (Employee & Volunteer Education)

Companies use trainers to educate employees, volunteers, patients, and numerous other Train the Trainergroups in a particular program. But who trains the trainers?

Consumer Health Information Corporation has developed award-winning training programs and manuals that prepare trainers to be effective and competent in achieving their objectives.

Our award-winning programs are used nation-wide.

Consumer Health Information Corporation won the prestigious Gold Award in the 2004 National Health Information Award competition for the Sharing Your Experiences: Transplant Mentor Program.

• Developed for Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc., this two-part program consisted of an integrated Trainer Manual and a Mentor Manual. • It is the only disease management training program of its kind to train volunteers to share their experiences with other transplant patients, transplant families, and living donors. • Transplant centers across the United States are requesting that the Program be made available for their patients.

Programs that fit your needs.

Let Consumer Health Information Corporation help you develop a unique program that fits the goals of your company. We use a multi-level approach to training and incorporate progressive patient education principles to make training more effective.

Our programs:

• patient information is written at the average consumer reading level so that trainers can understand it and apply it effectively. • provide complete training information and background information that the Trainer will need • incorporate behavior modification techniques to encourage compliance • provide tips and tools for being a successful trainer • alert trainers of what “red flags” to watch for and how to handle them • give step-by-step instructions to ensure the trainer is prepared • include resources trainers can refer to • instruct the trainer in how to lead a program and use potential accompanying tools/materials as an effective supplementary resource • provide patient counseling techniques so that trainers can learn how to use effective communication techniques

Our fully integrated programs incorporate content and design elements to produce a motivational and effective teaching aid for the Trainer.