User Manuals for Medical Devices

User Manuals for Medical Devices

medical devicesMany prescription drugs require the use of a medical device (pre-filled injectable syringes, inhalers, transdermal patches, oral liquid syringes etc) in order to administer the proper dose.

Many medical devices are complicated to use and our approach is patient-centric”

  • We put ourselves in the patient’s shoes .
  • We determine how every step in proper usage can be worded so that it cannot be misinterpreted.
  • We think “outside the box” and combine creativity with common sense and clinical expertise to develop patient instructions on medical devices that are accurate and easy-to-understand.

The Consumer Health Information Corporation team has developed state-of-the-art user manuals for many different types of medical devices.  Patient information instructions for such devices must be completely understandable and patient-friendly.  Patients must know exactly how to administer the medication, use the medical device and store the medication.

Consumer Health Information Corporation can help your clinical trial or product launch team develop User Manuals for Medical Devices that are:

  • Written in a logical order of use that patients to understand.
  • Written in language that patients can understand.  All of our User Manual content is repeatedly put through stringent readability testing to ensure that it is at the Grade 6 – 8 readability level.
  • Complicated administration and usage steps for the medical device are written so they are simplified and easy to understand.  This not only helps patients administer the medication correctly but also increases patient adherence.
  • The graphic design and layout right down to the folding of the pages so the information is presented in easy-to-understand sections is integrated carefully with the patient information content.  This makes it easier for patients to understand and remember the instructions. When patient recall is increased, patient adherence with the medical device will be increased.
  • Our team works closely with Production and Printing during the final stages to determine the folding so that the patient would not be confused by the manner in which the content was presented because of the folding. We have designed major patient starter kits containing user manuals.




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Our Expertise in Patient Education Is Unmatched

Let us put our over 30 years experience developing patient education programs  to work for you! 

Our team has expertise in:
  • Developing a patient adherence strategy for the product
  • Developing all the patient information materials
  • Writing clinical information in an empathetic tone that patients can understand and relate to
  • Developing “patient-friendly” user manuals for medical devices
  • working with your Regulatory and Medical teams to submit to FDA with full documentation for speedy approval
  • Notarized translations in 104 languages that can be used internationally

Our team of patient education experts have years of experience counseling patients and have worked with pharma medical, legal, regulatory and marketing teams and FDA for the past 20 years. All of our materials are designed with a focus on patient compliance with the goal that patients will be motivated to manage their medications and medical devices safely and wisely.

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