Summer Internship Students

Summer 2000 Interns

Mckenzie K. Harper


Mckenzie Harper is a student at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2012. She graduated from Mclean High School, where she was a member of the National Honor Society, the Mu Alpha Theta Math Honor Society, and the Alkahest Chemistry Honor Society. In the summer of 2007, she completed an extensive internship at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the Unit on Grow and Obesity. She received the Board of Education’s Gold Seal of Excellence in Community Service for her work on studies involving body heat, overeating disorders, Metformin, and Orlistat at the NIH.

In addition to her academic achievements, she has performed in the Hummingbirds Dance Company, competed on a Division One swim team, played the violin, and rowed on a varsity boat. She is a two time National Scholastic Rowing silver medalist and state champion in the Women’s Senior Quad and will continue rowing at her Ivy League university. “Working at Consumer Health Information Corporation (CHIC) is an excellent way to learn how business practices and pharmaceutical care work together to benefit the community. My time spent with Dr. Smith and the clerkship students has allowed me to get a feel for both pharmacy and business applications, as we used marketing, newsletters, and several other means of communication to solve problems in patient education and patient compliance. The experiences I have gained during my internship at CHIC are invaluable, and I would recommend this internship to anyone who is ready to take their business or pharmaceutical career to the next level.”

“Solving the Obesity Epidemic: 100 Calories at a Time”

Matt Hupila


Matt Hupila will graduate in May of 2010 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the Creighton University School of Pharmacy and Health Professions, located in Omaha, Nebraska. Matt is currently a member of APhA and Rho Chi at Creighton. He has worked in a number of different pharmacy settings including commmunity and long term care. He is currently undecided about what he wants to do upon graduation.

“My time at CHIC has been fun, intense, educational, and VERY rewarding. It has been very helpful to learn about the kind of information that needs to be given to patients to help them take their medications correctly. Learning how to effectively communicate with patients is a skill that is going to help me in ANY area of pharmacy that I decide to pursue. It’s cool to think that some of the projects that I’ve worked on could actually be helping thousands of people improve their medication compliance and achieve better outcomes. I don’t know of any other area of pharmacy where I could have affected as many people’s lives as I have this summer!”

“5 Common Questions About Generic Drugs”

Kimberly Trobaugh


Kimberly Trobaugh will graduate in May 2011 with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Auburn University’s Harrison School of Pharmacy in Auburn, Alabama. In addition to being an active member of ASHP, Kimberly is a student leader, currently serving as Secretary for the Auburn chapter of APhA and as Worthy Alumni Liaison and Social chair for the Chi chapter of the Phi Delta Chi fraternity. She also sits on various school Committees as a student member and teaches Supplemental Instruction for fellow students. Kimberly’s interests involve using drug information to advance patient education and patient adherence initiatives.

“I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect when I showed up for my first day of work at Consumer Health, but the hands-on experience I gained during my summer internship was far more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. From day one, I was immersed in patient care projects, as our project team worked to develop patient education materials that effectively communicated complicated health information to patients. The work was challenging, teaching me to look at the patient experience from the prospective patient’s perspective, but it was also satisfying to see a project progress, knowing that, one day, the materials we were developing could help to improve a patient’s health outcomes. In addition to special patient care projects, we interns were involved in various marketing and business projects, getting to obeserve the every day aspects of running the company. For me personally, I found my dream job — one that combines patient education and business savvy. But the CHIC internship is a wonderful opportunity for anyone entering the pharmacy profession, teaching students how to more effectively communicate with patients in a way that will positively affect their health.”

Summer 2000 Interns

Mary Andrawis


Mary Andrawis is a 2006 Pharm.D. candidate at South Dakota State University’s College of Pharmacy. She enjoys being actively involved in many organizations. She currently serves at her University’s chapters as Vice President of Academy of Students of Pharmacy, Chaplain of Kappa Epsilon, and Vice President of Golden Key International Honor Society. This spring she is anticipating her B.S. of Pharmaceutical Sciences with Honors College Distinction and a Spanish Minor. With her knowledge about medicines and education in Spanish, Mary hopes to medically serve third world countries as well as the underprivileged in the U.S. Her area of interest is pediatrics.

“I had no idea how many different solid, relevant aspects of pharmacy I would have the opportunity to get involved with at Consumer Health. The corporation is flexible enough that once I had a chance to participate in the numerous aspects, I was able to work on projects related only specifically to my area of interest. In addition to the diverse and solid educational experience I gained, the staff at CHIC made every day of the summer a fun one full of laughter intertwined with daily learning. I would excitedly do this internship again, knowing that I would have the opportunity to be involved in another myriad of aspects of pharmacy.”

Summer 2002 Interns

Brooke Patterson


Brooke Patterson will graduate in 2004 with her PharmD degree from Purdue University School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences in West Lafayette, Indiana. She has extensive experience in the community, hospital, and free clinic setting. Her interests include pharmaceutical care for the homeless and patient education of minority and high-risk populations. At Purdue, she is a member of the Peer Mentoring program, as well as a volunteer for Caregiver Companion.

“I learned more at my internship at Consumer Health than I could have ever imagined. I never would have imagined myself incorporating my clinical knowledge with marketing, public relations, and product management! Not only did I learn about pipeline and phase III products, but I got the opportunity to stay abreast of the most recent clinical studies for approved drugs No day is ever the same at CHIC–I was a part of every aspect of the operations of a company. With my experience at CHIC, I have no doubt that I have gained skills that will help me in any path I choose to pursue. Whether it be at a pharmaceutical company, a marketing firm, a hospital, FDA or even a community pharmacy, my experiences at CHIC leave me well-prepared.”

“Electronic Prescriptions: How Some Internet Pharmacies are Putting Your Health at Risk”

Amanda Lehenbauer


Amanda Lehenbauer is a third-year Doctor of Pharmacy student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She is originally from the Callaway County area, where she graduated from North Callaway High School at the top of her class. She currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri.

During the past three years at UMKC, Amanda has participated in numerous organizations and community service events. She is currently the Treasurer of Kappa Epsilon Fraternity, Director of Project Outreach, and a member of the Pharmacy Alumni Mentoring Program and the Academy of Students of Pharmacy. Amanda has dedicated her time to serving others through her work with Score 1 for Health, Operation Immunization, Poison Prevention, and volunteering at the Jackson County Free Health Clinic. Besides her participation in extracurricular activities, Amanda currently is a summer intern at Consumer Health Information Corporation outside of Washington, DC.

“Working at Consumer Health Information Corporation has been a rewarding and challenging experience. I had the opportunity to learn more about current events in pharmacy, drug information research, and marketing tactics of pharmaceutical companies. The greatest learning experience I had at Consumer Health was the initiation, research, and compilation of a newspaper article and consumer survey. Most of all, I got to learn how to effectively run a business-which I know will be helpful in the future.”

“Be Informed … Stay Healthy … Talk With Your Pharmacist”

Felicity Mitchell


Felicity Mitchell is a final year pharmacy student at the University of Manchester in England. She is the School of Pharmacy’s representative for the British Pharmacy Students Association, the official organisation representing pharmacy students’ interests. She is also involved in the University’s ‘Students in Schools’ initiative, which places students in local schools to raise awareness of and aspirations to Higher Education.

“I have now spent two summers at Consumer Health Information Corporation, during which I have been involved in a variety of interesting projects. I have had the unique opportunity of comparing the healthcare system in the US with that of the UK, and have observed that, although the differences between the two are immense, the needs of the patients are ultimately the same.”

“Sorting Out Side Effects”

Summer 2001 Interns

Lisa Drabicki


Lisa Drabicki is in her final year in the MBA Program at the University of Arizona, Eller Graduate School of Management (MBA, May 2002). Lisa obtained her B.S. in Nursing from the University of Arizona in 1998 and has worked several years as a Registered Nurse in the emergency room, a health resort, and a wide variety of medical clinic settings. Lisa is a member of Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Honorary and Golden Key National Honor Society. She is also actively involved in a number of MBA extracurricular activities including the Strategic Management Working Group, Marketing Club, and Finance Club. Upon graduating, Lisa is interested in pursuing a career that will allow her to apply her healthcare background with the business skills she acquires in the Eller MBA Program and she developed a very strong interest in the pharmaceutical industry during her internship at Consumer Health Information Corporation.

“My internship experience at Consumer Health Information Corporation provided me the opportunity to apply my healthcare background as a Registered Nurse and business skills from the University of Arizona’s Eller MBA program in a number of unique, challenging, and rewarding ways. It takes a lot of thought and consideration to determine what information is most essential for consumers to know regarding a particular prescription medication or health condition from a clinically accurate healthcare perspective. Close attention must also be given to the most effective way to make the information interesting while abiding by patient behavior modification techniques so consumers will pay attention and benefit from the information provided. However, these endeavors will be fruitless unless the information is conveyed in a language that consumers can easily read and understand. I found it extremely gratifying to be involved in business projects that will serve to educate and empower consumers thereby promoting the necessary compliance with their medications. Indeed, a marketing approach for pharmaceutical products with consumer education as its focal point has far reaching beneficial implications for both pharmaceutical companies and consumers.”

“Be Prepared: Advice Regarding Prescription Medicines from a Registered Nurse”

Summer 2000 Interns

Tina Bhavsar


Tina Bhavsar is a PharmD student (2002) at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, School of Pharmacy. She is the APhA-ASP liaison for UNC and is on the Board of the Carolina Association of Pharmacy Students. She also volunteers at a homeless shelter. Tina is interested in working as a clinical pharmacist or for a pharmaceutical company.

“Bacteria Strike Back! Tips to Prevent Resistance to Your Antibiotics”

Angie Horn


Angie Horn is a PharmD student at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, School of Pharmacy (PharmD, 2002). She serves as President of the Xi Chapter of Rho Chi, is involved with the Carolina Association of Pharmacy Students and has done a number of independent study projects. Angie is interested in writing about health-related issues.

“The Right Breakfast May Help Prevent Birth Defects”

Jeanie Monzingo


Jeanie Monzingo is in her 4th year at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, School of Pharmacy (PharmD 2001). Jeanie serves as the ASHP President as well as the FCP Treasurer for the University. When she graduates with her PharmD degree, Jeanie hopes to improve patient counseling by making pharmacists more involved in patient care.

“Over-the-Counter Medications: Making Them Work for You”

Bich-Nguyet Nguyen


Bich-Nguyet Nguyen is a second year PharmD student (Class of 2003) at the School of Pharmacy of the Medical College of Virginia. An active member of the APhA, Bich’s interest lies in patient education and drug information. Bich hopes to apply these skills in the future by working for a pharmaceutical company or the FDA after getting her MBA.

“The ABC’s of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) Ads”

Al Tunnell


Al Tunnell is a PharmD student at Campbell University School of Pharmacy. Al expects to obtain a PharmD degree in 2003 and an MBA by 2004. He is currently the Vice President of the AMCP (Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy) at the University and also serves on a National Committee for ASHP.

“Herbals: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly”