Focus on the VALUE of Prescription Drugs

McLean, VA – September 24, 2015  Health care reform is missing the mark on medicines. Everything is focused on how to reduce the cost of prescription drugs or how to


“I don’t think I could get along without the booklet—I refer to it almost every day, and often read entire sections over again and again. It not only is so

Nurse-Practitioners on HPV Awareness Campaign

“WOW! …I have to tell you that our new patient brochure attracts so much attention, it’s great!”

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

“The fact that you have adopted a format for the preparation of your materials that includes peer reviews is noteworthy and is reflected in the quality of your specimen

How Safe Is The Prescribed Dose For Some Drugs Now On Market?

A recent review considers a potential link between unexpected drug toxicities and patient adherence in clinical trials  and asks: how safe is the prescribed dose for some drugs now on