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As the leading provider of patient information and patient adherence strategies in the industry, we know how important patient compliance to prescribed medications and the adoption of healthier lifestyle choices can be in reducing the cost of patient care.

A medicine can be cost effective only if it is taken correctly. For instance, patients who missed only 20% of their prescribed dose of beta-blockers for mild hypertension had a 4.5 to 6.5 fold increased risk of coronary heart disease.

It’s a fact. Motivated patients who understand their medications, who adhere to treatment plans, and who plainly understand how to make daily choices that will improve their health report far fewer unnecessary visits to doctors each year. The result is a significantly smaller annual burden on health insurers who often struggle with how to best educate their wide subscriber base while promoting these positive outcomes.

This is exactly where we come in at Consumer Health Information Corporation. Motivating, educating, and providing easy-to-understand print and digital content that embraces your subscribers while helping them make better and more compliant health decisions has been our focus for over 30 years.

We Develop Customized Content Tailored To The Needs Of Private Practice Offices Including:

  • Customized patient education content for health insurer websites.
  • Creation of standalone patient education for web portals to help patients make fewer mistakes and more informed lifestyle decisions.
  • Creation of brochures and print matter to be distributed as mailers, or hand-out promotional collateral at special events.
  • Creation of monthly patient newsletters, either digital or print, to be branded in insurers name and transmitted to subscribers.
  • All manner of custom patient education projects – give us a call.

Are you a health insurer looking for ways to strengthen your bottom line through improved subscriber health and compliance? Give us a call now at (703) 734-0650 for a confidential consultation and needs assessment.