DTC Patient Education

The consumer will be the final judge of all the patient communication materials you produce for them.

If you can develop information that is written in language that patients can understand and incorporates behavior modification techniques, you will be able to convince the patient that the patient information is important to their own personal health. Patients will start taking their medications correctly. The health care system will start working as it should .. and your product’s ROI will increase because patients will not drop out of therapy and will refill their prescriptions.

 A successful DTC campaign will:

  • have wording and “patient-friendly” medical illustrations based on sound patient education criteria
  • be integrated with every aspect of the product launch and patient education materials.


Let us help your product team develop patient information that will guide consumers through the two main stages of their health care:

The Consumer Stage—Consumers need practical information they can understand. It must convince them to seek appropriate help.

The Patient Stage—Once consumers become patients, they need product-specific information that motivates them to manage their disease and medications effectively.

 Consumer Health Information Corporation can help you effectively integrate your messages for consumers and patients at every stage—from the Patient Labeling for the DTC ad… to the DTC collateral materials… to adherence packaging for the product launch starter kit… to all the product-specific patient information programs.