Multi-Lingual Patient Information Materials
Patient information Translation

Consumer Health Information Corporation has extensive experience in developing patient information materials for major pharmaceutical companies worldwide. After English patient education materials are developed, most pharmaceutical companies proceed with translations.

Notarized Translations for Patient Readability

Consumer Health Information Corporation’s superior translations meet the highest standards of quality. Clients receive a notarized certification that guarantees the accuracy of the translation and that it is at the same readability level as the original English document.

  • We can provide notarized translations for patient information in over 100 languages.
  • Translators, editors and proofreaders all work in their native language. They are familiar with the extra demands for this type of translation and are fully acquainted with the specific demands of writing “patient-friendly” materials.
  • The translators and editors we use possess advanced degrees and specialize in medical translations.
  • The translators’ work is backed by the latest in translation management tools and technologies, including on-line glossaries and spell checkers, a large technical reference library, and a variety of continuity controls.
  • Consumer Health Information Corporation and the translators have extensive experience in producing medical and pharmaceutical patient information materials, including clients in the pharmaceutical industry, FDA, USDA, NIH and health associations, and children’s publications.
  • We go the extra step to make sure that the readability of all translated patient information is at the same readability level as the English version. We follow a rigorous procedure to ensure that the translations are accurate, meet patient comprehension requirements, and the same high quality as the English patient information version.
  • We understand how cultural differences impact the way individuals respond to patient education. Our experts adapt the content and design of the English version so the program will be accepted by the target population.

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