Disease Management



Client: Pharmacia Corporation


“A Path to Healthy Living” has been cited as one of the most “innovative” patient education programs available. It received the Gold Award in the National Health Information Awards and was a Finalist in the Global Awards.

Disease management

A Path To Healthy Living

Patient education

This comprehensive patient education kit gives newly diagnosed patients with type II diabetes the patient information they need to manage their disease and treatments.The patient information booklet clearly helped patients with type 2 diabetes learn how to manage their medication with their diet, exercise, and lifestyle. It also had a travel section that helped patients with diabetes learn how to adjust their doses when traveling through time zones

The response from patients, physicians, certified diabetes educators, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and health care administrators was excellent. Physicians started calling the sales representatives to come to their offices because they needed another supply of the patient information booklets

Consumer Health Information Corporation handled all aspects of this multi component patient education program including:

  • development of a patient compliance strategy
  • research of the medical literature to determine the most effective methods to motivate patients with type II diabetes to stay in treatment
  • translation of the medical terminology into patient-friendly language
  • photo shoot and model selection
  • identification and development of patient rewards and discounts on many diabetes products
  • national endorsements from major diabetes organizations
  • development of a graphic design that reinforced the content and met patient education requirements for patient comprehension
  • customized packaging that followed branding guidelines
  • a self-stand that would sit on a table in the physician’s waiting room or examining room
  • production and printing of millions of copies

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Our Competitive Edge

Here’s why our clients keep coming back.
  • We know how to apply our clinical expertise to disease management education.
  • We know how and when to use behavior modification techniques so that medication management is integrated with diet, exercise, lifestyle changes, travel, etc.
  • Appropriate patient counseling techniques are selected for the specific disease and medication.
  • Our unique DocuSourceTM referencing system provides your team with the type of drug information documentation you need to keep on file.
  • We know the FDA requirements for patient labeling and patient education.
  • Distinguished physicians and pharmacists serve on our Peer Review Board.
  • We routinely help our clients receive endorsements from national organizations.
  • We develop patient information tools that will increase patient compliance from the initial prescription to the refills.
  • We know how to develop motivational patient progress logs.
  • We integrate patient education into the overall marketing strategy for the product.
  • Consumer Health Information Corporation selects the best printers and packagers who can meet the most difficult customized needs of any client.
  • We pay attention to the details!