DTC Programs

DTC Educational Programs

Consumer Health Information Corporation works with the DTC strategic planning team right from the start. Our goal is to help a company effectively integrate its messages for consumers and patients at every stage – from the Patient Package Insert (PPI) for the Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) ad … to the DTC collateral materials … to compliance packaging for the product launch starter kit … to all the product-specific patient information programs once the medication is prescribed.

 Client: Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc.

DTC Education

Multi-component Patient Kidney Transplant Program including the award -winning “Transplant Journal: Starting Your New Life”

Our patient education expertise has proven to be valuable in every aspect of the program that has a clinical component.

Consumer Health Information Corporation handled all stages of this award-winning project including design and printing.

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Our Competitive Edge

Here’s why our clients keep coming back.
Patient education
  • Our clinical expertise.
  • Our patient information expertise.
  • Our patient education expertise.
  • Our consumer research expertise.
  • Our first-hand knowledge of the needs of physicians and pharmacists ensures that your DTC campaign will be accepted by health professionals.
  • We know how to help a company develop a DTC program that will enhance brand loyalty and consumer awareness, provide practicalpatient information, and tie it to an overall patient compliance program.
  • When your product is used correctly, your product sales will increase. We can help you make your DTC ad an effective stepping stone to increased patient adherence.
  • Our experience in patient counseling has shown us that consumers want more than advertising. The “Madison Avenue” approach simply does not work!
  • We are on the cutting edge of DTC programs. We know the issues facing pharmaceutical companies, FDA, health professionals and consumers.

“Sharing your Experiences: Transplant Mentor Program.”