Employee Education


The Health Management Library is an interactive, comprehensive employee education programs designed to help consumers learn how to take greater responsibility for their health care at home and at work. The program was developed for use by large corporations to help them reduce their soaring health care expenditures.

Client: Glaxo, Inc.

Employee education

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Health Management Library

The program was provided to Employee Benefit Managers who presented each topic to employees during noon hour lunches. Each Employee Benefit Manager received a training manual and each Employee received a patient information brochure to take home.

This interactive media presentation helped employees identify medical issues that should prompt them to make an appointment with their physician. For example, the Migraine Employee Program helped patients keep track of potential migraine triggers so that they could take this personal information to their physician to help lead to a diagnosis and migraine triggers.

Consumer Health Information Corporation handled all aspects of the project including identification of the patient adherence barriers employees/patients will encounter with each specific medical problem; development of a patient adherence strategy for each medical condition; research of the world’s literature on how to effectively modify and motivate patients with each of the medical conditions; translation of the medical information into patient information; development of a graphic design that meets patient education requirements and reinforces the patient information content as well as printing and production.

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Our Competitive Edge

Here’s why our clients keep coming back.
  • Our health education experts know what consumers/employees need and want to know about disease management and identification of personal risk factors.
  • This patient information is translated into language that consumers/employees will understand.
  • We know how to facilitate programs and know how much patient information can be effectively presented within a limited time frame.
  • Patient education principles – consisting of lecture, slides, pamphlet, BRC and packaging – can be applied to a multi-faceted interactive program.
  • Our specialized team develops interactive health screening tools to guide consumers/employees to seek medical treatment when appropriate.
  • Customized “Signs and Symptom Diaries” have been proven to help consumers identify triggers and monitor symptoms prior to visiting a physician.
  • We can explain the uniqueness of the program to sales reps so they can effectively present it to employers.

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