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“Patients need to be counseled by the pharmacist at every visit. Give them written information to refer to later at home-written in language they can understand. Pharmacists should develop programs to remind patients to get refills and to discuss problems they may be having with the treatment at each refill visit.”

Patient Information
Consumer Health Information Corporation can help build consumer loyalty so your patients will come to you for both their prescription and OTC products.

We understand the patient education needs of pharmacies–and we know how to develop effective patient education programs that will help your pharmacists provide better patient counseling in a minimum amount of time. You can be assured that patients will receive patient information that meets the highest patient education standards.

Our customized programs will help you:

  • Set your pharmacy apart from the others. You will be recognized by your patients and customers as a pharmacy that cares about patient information.
  • Bridge the communication gap with patients. We develop patient information materials that are based on sound patient education principles rather than advertising techniques.
  • Improve patient compliance with medications. Our patient information experts develop materials that will motivate patients to manage their medications correctly–and have their medications refilled.
  • Target the individual needs for each disease and its treatment. With our extensive knowledge of drug therapy and disease management, we can tailor our educational pieces to meet your goals of disease management.
  • Improve your pharmacy image and build consumer loyalty. Showing patients and customers you care about making them smarter helps you build consumer loyalty.
  • Help your customers select OTC products most appropriate for their symptoms and pre-existing medical conditions.
  • Gain community good will and support through positive media coverage and the favorable notice of health professionals, national health organizations and consumer groups when you introduce the program in your community.

By utilizing good communication and marketing techniques and making patients aware of your counseling service, there is a high probability they will come to your pharmacy with all their prescription and health care needs.

If you are you a pharmacy looking for ways to strengthen your bottom line through improved patient adherence and prescription refills give us a call now at (703) 734-0650 for a confidential consultation and needs assessment.

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