Study Team Training Programs

Train the Study Team


  • Leads to honest patient feedback
  • Helps to increase patient awareness of need to take full dose of study medications and provide honest feedback
  • What” patient needs to do
  • “Why” this is important
  • “How” to develop a schedule that works for patient
  • “How” to contact study team if have a question
  • Motivational interviewing techniques

What the Study Team Must Do

Deliver high quality patient education and gain patient trust and feedback study team

How to impart high quality study patient education

“Cathy admits that, had she not begun to experience positive results after only a few weeks, she might have been tempted to drop out of the six month study.”

  • Be available to answer questions
  • “Listen” to patients
  • Provide feedback on personal progress in trial

How to gain trust and help patients

  • Understand the importance of honest feedback to the accuracy of the study results
  • Feel “safe” to report any problems they had taking the study drug

Training for Study Team

  • How to communicate effectively with patients to improve medication adherence

–“What” patient needs to do and “What” to expect (directions on how to take and precautions about possible side-effects)

–“Why” patient needs to do it (why it is important for treatment and the study)

–“How” the patient will best do it (how it fits into their schedule, how to remember to take it, etc.)

  • How to conduct “patient reporting”
  • How to handle patient objections or non-adherence
  • “Role-Play” scenarios and practice sessions



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Our Expertise in Clinical Trial Patient Education Is Unmatched

Let us put our over 30 years experience developing patient education programs for clinical trials to work for you! 

Our team has expertise in:
  • Developing the patient adherence strategy
  • Developing all the patient materials for patient recrutiment and clinical trials
  • Writing clinical information in an empathetic tone that patients can understand and relate to
  • Developing “patient-friendly” informed consent documents
  • Incorporating protocol into instructional study materials for clinical investigators
  • Developing Patient Package Inserts (PPIs) that can be tested prior to the NDA submission and receive speedy FDA approval
  • Notarized translations in 104 languages that can be used internationally

Our team of patient education experts have years of experience counseling patients and have worked with pharma medical, legal, regulatory and marketing teams and FDA for the past 20 years. All of our materials are designed with a focus on patient compliance with the goal that patients will be motivated to remain in the study and will take the study medications correctly.

“Make sure your study results are accurate.”

Click here for more information about Patient Package Inserts (PPI)Patient Compliance ProgramsDisease Management Programs, Personal Progress Logs. For confidential consultation to discuss any of your clinical trial needs give us a call today at (703) 734-0650.